Fall Arrives on the Oregon Coast

Labor Day has come and gone, which means the quiet season is on its way back to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Though we love the hustle and bustle of summers on the coast, and have enjoyed getting to know the multitude of guests that have come through our doors this summer, there’s something absolutely magical about fall on the Oregon Coast. It’s now when you get to really experience the dramatic coastal beauty of the Cannon Beach area, without the crowded parks, trails, and restaurants. Nature becomes the focus on the coast once again, and the stresses of everyday life slip away with each wave that crashes to shore. Our stunning Bed and Breakfast, located just minutes south of Cannon Beach, is like no other. Book your stay at our luxurious boutique hotel, and enjoy quiet mornings on Oregon’s coastal beaches.

Savor the Fall Months in Cannon Beach

Between the months of October and May, the pace of visitors to the Oregon Coast changes dramatically, lending itself to unbelievable getaways filled with wildlife watching, stormy seas and crashing waves, secluded beaches, vibrant sunsets, and fewer crowds on the streets and in the restaurants. Overall, fall is the time to experience the true pulse of Cannon Beach.

Fall activities are plentiful on the Oregon Coast.  Spend an afternoon birdwatching, as bald eagles, permanent resident populations, and migratory bird populations take the sky in the marine sanctuaries around Cannon Beach. Take a restorative hike around the coast, where you’ll find herds of majestic Roosevelt Elk coming out of the wooded hills, grazing in meadows, and walking through town. Or, just head down to Oregon’s expansive beaches.  As you enjoy walking the secluded beaches, you’re sure to find plenty of colorful wildlife at local tidal pools, and untold treasures that have been deposited by high tides and strong winds along the way.  At this time of year, it may be hours before you see someone else. Come for a midweek stay, and you’re even more likely to have these beautiful stretches of sand to yourself.

The fall months are the perfect months to enjoy the interplay of light and color. From beautiful sunsets, dramatic cloud formations, captivating light illuminating coastal landscapes, and fog weaving through the trees and blanketing the beaches, fall and winter offer unbelievably beautiful scenes.  Storm-watching during the fall is an experience like nothing else.  Feel the immense power of the wind and rain pulsating outside, coupled with the rhythmic crashing of waves outside our windows. All of this while you cozy up in front of a fire with a good book or someone special.

If a fall getawy to the Oregon coast sounds too good to be true, rest assured it isn’t.  However it is you plan to spend your time on the Oregon Coast, know that you’ll leave having experienced the true spirit of Cannon Beach. There’s no time quite like fall in Cannon Beach. For added opulence, you’ll find that the accommodations and luxurious amenities at the Arch Cape Inn & Retreat truly mesmerizing.  It’s true that nothing compares to the coastal beauty of the Cannon Beach area, but this is a good place to start nonetheless.  Come see what all the fuss is about; book your stay at our boutique hotel today.

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