Spring Unveiling Reveals New Fine Art Pieces in Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast
Artists unveil their latest works in Cannon Beach during the Spring Unveiling.

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. In Cannon Beach, Oregon, spring is the time when new pieces of fine art make their world debuts.

The twelfth annual Spring Unveiling in Cannon Beach welcomes you to three days of celebrating the arts over the weekend of May 4 – 6, 2012. Come explore the town’s renowned art galleries, speak with the artists about their artistic ideas, and be the first to see their latest works.

Saturday will highlight the newest works of a variety of local, national, and international artists. About every half hour, an artist will “unveil” his or her newest works at one of the thirteen member galleries of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group. Painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, glass workers, and even a book artist will reveal and discuss their works.

The culinary arts will make an appearance at this year’s Cannon Beach Spring Unveiling.

Many of these works are inspired by the dramatic landscape of Cannon Beach itself. Haystack Rock features prominently in works from past Unveilings, as do the shore birds, rugged cliffs and expansive beaches of the Oregon Coast. Even if the subject matter doesn’t deal directly with the local coastal landscape, the area’s wildness and majesty are often reflected in the artists’ works.

Throughout the weekend, artists will discuss their creative processes with the public. Demonstrations are scheduled for painting with acrylics, using pastels, turning bowls, and creating recycled art. One presentation will include an appearance by native birds from the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, and another will focus on creating paintings for display under blacklights. Several catered artist receptions are planned throughout the weekend with live music.

New this year will be participation from the culinary arts. Local chefs will partner with the galleries to choose an artwork that will inspire a new menu item, which will be available to the public throughout the weekend. New culinary creations will include entrees as well as cocktails, desserts, and appetizers.

Although Cannon Beach is well known for its arts scene in all seasons, the Spring Unveiling marks the beginning of a new year of artistic pursuits.

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