Spring Wildflowers Brighten Cannon Beach

Spring Wildflowers on the Oregon CoastSpring is here, and it’s really starting to get beautiful on the Oregon Coast.  The winter has been long and rainy this year, but that made for a great storm watching season on the coast. Despite that, there’s something special about spring, and we are really looking forward to getting back out in the outdoors. This time of year, the sun begins to shine a little more, we begin the dry out, and spring wildflowers begin their slow reemergence after a long winter dormancy.  These meadows of wildflowers making an ordinarily beautiful hike into something extraordinary.  Book your stay at the Arch Cape Inn & Retreat this spring, and let us guide you into a beautiful spring meadow.

Spring Wildflowers

Spring is wildflower season on the Oregon Coast.  Here, you’ll find a great variety of interesting wildflowers beginning their spring blooms.  From coastal meadows, woodlands, bluffs and beaches, there are plenty of places to go in search of these beautiful signs of spring. You’ll want to be on the lookout for Trillium blooming in the rainforest in March, followed by Wood Violet, Bleeding Hearts, Wild Iris and Coast Paintbrush in meadows a little later in spring and early summer.  Here are our favorite places to go in search of wildflowers:

  • Neahkahanie Mountain, which translates to “Place of supreme Deity,” is a classic hike on the Oregon Coast.  You’ll get fairly high into the Coastal Range, which affords you spectacular views down over the coastline.  As an added bonus, when you head up these hills in the springtime, you’re bound to be greeted by stunning meadows of wildflowers early on in the hike.
  • Spring Wildflowers on the Oregon CoastAs you venture through the lush rainforest of Ecola State Park, some of the area’s tallest trees will be towering above your head.  Here, you’ll find dramatic views of the coastline that simply can’t be beat.  The Indian Beach Trail is a moderate 2 miles, and features some beautiful coastal wildflowers during this time of year.
  • Walk some of the most beautiful portions of the 382-mile Oregon Coast Trail, which offers commanding views of the coast, and stunning wildflowers.
  • Oswald West State Park, we recommend taking the Cape Falcon Trail, which offers a stunning trip through coastal rainforest, through hedges of salad and wild roses, emerging to spectacular coastal views.
  • The Kings Mountain Trail is worth the challenge, if only for a view of the spring wildflowers.  Commonly found along this 5.4 mile trail are beargrass, penstemon, phlox and the rare phantom orchid.
  • If you’re an adventurous hiker looking to challenge yourself, don’t miss the trek up Saddle Mountain.  Not only will you reach the highest point on the Coastal Range, but you’ll end up in some of the most colorful wildflower meadows on the Oregon Coast, and will enjoy dramatic coastal beauty unfolding at your feet.
  • There are numerous trails on and around Cascade Head, home to wildflowers like hairy checkermallow and the Cascade Head catchfly (99 percent of the catchfly’s world population found only here).  Other attractions at Cascade Head include barking sea lions, windswept meadows, old-growth forest, and breathtaking ocean views.

No matter where you go, we look forward to hearing about your adventures on the Oregon Coast.  Make sure you bring your camera, so you capture the incredible spring beauty you’ll encounter.  The Wildflowers won’t be here forever.  Book your room at the Arch Cape Inn Bed and Breakfast today.

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