Arch Cape Inn makes for an ideal, centrally located base from which to explore all points, North and South, of this corner of our Oregon Coast.

We can’t wait to see you and to share everything with you. Our innkeepers will help you plan your day so that you can experience all that makes our area one of the most remarkable places on earth.  Over the years, we have compiled so much information about the best things to see and do – including all the quirky local “Best Kept Secrets and Points of Interest.”

Let us help you explore and experience all the things that capture your imagination so that you can learn and make memories for a lifetime.

In addition to pointing you in the direction of the best shopping, gallery browsing and outdoor activities, we do have recommended Day Trip Itineraries.   Learn about and visit the Graveyard of the Pacific, Things You Never Knew About Lewis and Clark, The Crown Jewel of the Pacific Northwest…..and Points South.

We will share in detail with you when you arrive at the inn…..we know you are dying to know all about our local “Moofia”….and how a single CB radio changed everything, as well as where to eat Sturgeon or where to eat Dungeness Crab and Chanterelles both at the same time. Learn about Razor Clams and where to find them……not to mention how to look for hidden gold (this is true)….and where to walk out to one of the 5 places attacked during WWII…..(to this day, no one really knows why this happened!)……Plus, learn all about “The Dangerous Catch”…..and see where it all begins……..we are running out of room……so:

Check out our free Vacation Guide and come stay with us so that we can tell you all about everything!