Arch Cape, Oregon is a whistle stop. It is 3-4 miles south of Cannon Beach, and 7 miles north of Manzanita.

Direct Routes zoomable map

From Seattle (200 mi):
Follow I-5 south to Longview, then drive west, crossing into Oregon via Longview’s Lewis & Clark bridge. Follow Highway 30 west to Astoria and then Highway 101 south, passing Seaside and Cannon Beach. One mile after the Arch Cape sign and just north of the Arch Cape Deli turn left onto East Ocean Lane.

From the Portland Airport (105 miles):
Take Airport Way to I-205. Go south on I-205 towards Portland for about 2-3 miles. Get on #84 West towards Portland for about 10 miles. Move to far left lane. Take I-5 South towards Salem for about 2 miles. Get in the far left hand lane to exit for Beaverton. Take I-405 towards Beaverton for about ½ mile. Move to far right lane. Take Highway 26 West to “Ocean Beaches”.

From Portland (90 mi):
Follow Sunset Highway 26 west for about 78 miles to the Highway 101 junction. The Arch Cape House is exactly 10 miles from this junction. Turn south, passing four Cannon Beach exits.  One mile after the sign for Arch Cape turn left onto East Ocean Lane just before of the Arch Cape Deli. When traveling south on 101, entering the tunnel is BAD. You have gone 200 yds too far.

From Coastal Southern Oregon:
Travel north on Highway 101 to Manzanita. We are located 7 miles north of Manzanita. When leaving Manzanita, you will enter the tunnel that runs through Neahkahnie Mountain. As soon as you leave the tunnel, look to the right (east) and you will see our castle on the hill, across from the deli. Turn right on East Ocean Lane into our drive. When traveling north on 101, entering the tunnel is GOOD ... we are about 200 yds north of the tunnel that goes through Neahkahnie Mountain.

Enjoy the Journey

From the Portland Airport:
For those of you coming from Portland, or more specifically from the PDX Airport, the journey to Arch Cape Inn and Retreat will be about 97 miles or just under 2 hours.

Tour Guide Note
As you land in Portland, you cannot help but see Mt. Hood, a dormant volcano, which defines our landscape along the Cascade Mountain Range, part of the volcanic "Ring of Fire" — a crack in the Earth's crust — resulting in volcanoes that stretch from South America, through Mexico, into the Western United States and Alaska and over to Asia, Japan and down to the Tonga Trench. This seismic and volcanic activity influences our daily life here in the Pacific Northwest. Because of this, on the Coast, we have weekly Tsunami siren drills. (In Arch Cape, our drills sound like the mooing of a cow, while an alarm is an actual siren. We will fill you in on this when you get here.)

If you look North across the Columbia River, you will see Mt. St. Helens, which used to look exactly like Mt. Hood until May, 1980, when it blew with such force as to render the landscape to seem like Mordor, in the Lord of the Rings. Mt. St. Helens still happily puffs away... even until today. The only difference between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood at this point in time is that Mt. St. Helens is mostly gone and Mt. Hood, at Timberline Lodge, remains the place where "The Shining" was actually filmed.

When leaving the Airport, you will travel west on I-84, heading towards downtown Portland. You will see signs for Lloyd Center, a landmark shopping mall.

Tour Guide Note
As you whiz by, if you crane your neck to the right (passengers only, please), you might see the indoor skating rink where Tanya Harding practiced her moves.

Shortly thereafter, you will Intersect to I-5.

Tour Guide Note
On the note of famous people hailing from Portland, Ms. Harding is counted among other notables such as James Beard, Garner Ted Armstrong, Clark Gable, William Hurt, Jean Auel, Ursula Le Guin, Dallas McKennon (voice of Tony the Tiger, Gumby and Pokey), Linus Pauling, and Courtney Love... We could go on and on.

You connect with I-405 and then Hwy 26, which will take you to the Hwy 101 Junction. Our driveway is almost exactly 10 miles south of the Hwy 26/Hwy 101 Junction. As you leave Portland and head out to the Coast on Hwy 26, you will pass the towns of Beaverton, and Hillsboro.

Tour Guide Note
As soon as the 4-lane highway becomes a 2-lane highway, just past Hillsboro, you will know that you are skirting the northern-most border of our prominent Oregon Wine Country. In fact, on your left, you can see vineyards growing as you round the bend, as you travel onward to the Coast.

As soon as you round the bend, brace yourself for a 60 minute drive over the Coast Range. 

Tour Guide Note
This hour-long drive will require both hands on the wheel. You will pass through one of America’s vast forested wildernesses. Look for Camp 18, a local landmark and restaurant that tips its hat to our colorful logging heritage, as seen in Ax Men on the History Channel. You are in the heart of the territory where this is filmed.

By now, you are almost to the 101 junction. Travel south to The Arch Cape House, passing four Cannon Beach exits. One mile after the sign for Arch Cape turn left onto East Ocean Lane just before of the Arch Cape Deli. When traveling south on 101, entering the tunnel is BAD. You have gone 200 yds too far.

From Seattle:
There is relatively no travel time difference between the direct route and this interesting route, maybe 20 minutes, except during rush hour on I-5 which greatly slows everything down, or the inordinate number of large RV’s on 101, which also greatly slow everything down. 

Cut off from I-5 at Olympia. Go West to Montesano. Take Highway 107 and on to Highway 101.

Tour Guide Note
Stop and have homemade ice cream and pie at Clark's in Artic, Washington.

Go south to Astoria, Oregon where you will pick up Highway 26/101 and follow to Seaside/Cannon Beach.

Tour Guide Note
En route, you will see part of the Olympic Rain Forest, the fabulous Willapa Bay, oyster beds and factories, pristine glacial estuaries off of Mt. Ranier/Nisqually and Mt. St. Helens, remote forests and the Dismal Nitch. The Dairy Queen in Raymond has oysters on its menu.

You will cross over the mighty Columbia River, one of the world's largest rivers. You may even see the Columbia River Bar, which is a wall of water created where the mighty Columbia meets the expansive Pacific Ocean. Two Titans in a Death Match. (Learn about this phenomenon and the courageous people whose lives co-exist with the River at our Maritime Museum) This is the "Graveyard of the Pacific." Cape Disappointment wasn't arbitrarily named. This is where the United States Coast Guard has its international motor life boat school and elite rescue swimmer training as seen in the Kevin Costner/Ashton Kutcher movie, "The Guardian," some of which was filmed in this location. (BTW, "The Perfect Storm" was an excellent United States Coast Guard movie too.) A shout-out to the brave men and women in orange, white, and blue. As you can tell, we are grateful to the USCG here in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, collectively known as the PNW.

Astoria is the oldest permanent settlement west of the Mississippi and was a bi-lingual Scandinavian community based around fishing, trapping and logging. It seems like a mini-San Francisco, built on beautiful hills.

One mile after the Arch Cape sign and just north of the Arch Cape Deli turn left onto East Ocean Lane. When traveling south on 101, entering the tunnel is BAD. You have gone 200 yds too far.

Travel Notes
Online Maps
Some of the online map sites have inputted us incorrectly. We are working on this.

GPS Locators & Cell Phones are patchy in Arch Cape. This is because of all the ‘heads’ or volcanic basalt projections that finger into the sea and serve to block transmissions.

Highway Driving
During summer, it stays light until almost 10:00p.m. During winter, it gets dark about 4:30 or 5:00 p.m.  This can be useful when planning your trip.

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Guest Quote
"We were blown away by the hospitality at Arch Cape Inn. Our innkeepers were welcoming, friendly, and great conversationalists — we felt so at home from the moment we arrived. Our room was comfortable, spacious, and well appointed, offering great views to the ocean and surrounding gardens. The architecture (especially the great room and breakfast area) was charming — my boyfriend said "Oooh!" when he glimpsed the inn's facade. It's an outstanding choice for those visiting the coast, and I can't recommend it highly enough."

Sarah Boston
Travel Agent