So you want to propose!   Wow…..have you been thinking about the perfect way to “pop the question”?

Call us!

Even though you may have some ideas, perhaps you haven’t decided on the finishing touches that will make your proposal a stand-out memory to last for lifetime.

Don’t worry!  This is our specialty!……..We want to help you craft the perfect moment for you and the person you love.

The best thing is that this is what our entire staff comes by naturally. We love it!

We specialize in Romance! And we really are one of the best places to propose!

Before you make your reservation, just let us know what your vision is and together we will determine if we are the perfect match for you.

After you make your reservation, we will help you make your plans and provide you with a wealth of detailed information…so that you can create and coordinate your vision with weather, times, tides, sunsets, secret caves, mountain tops, wooded trails……

Our staff can assist you at the inn for a secret set-up in your room or in our turret for breakfast……so that you can propose in the tower of our European chateau.

Or….we can help you decide if you want to propose on the beach, in the woods…in a special restaurant in town….in a helicopter over the ocean?….before or after a couple’s side by side massage…..the ideas are endless.

Take a look at our “Specials: Romantic Indulgences” tab to see what you may want to have us arrange for you during your stay.

We will do everything we can to make your proposal and your stay as memorable as possible.

Do we charge a fee for all of this excitement?……….Short answer……No.

Give us a call to discuss!