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Step out of your vehicle and into a place with coastal beauty so dramatic, it quiets the mind and stirs the heart. Here, at Arch Cape Inn, nature takes center stage and the rigors of everyday life are washed away. With romantic architecture, our Cannon Beach Bed and Breakfast offers pristine views of the Pacific Ocean against the lush Oregon Coast Mountains. Let our Cannon Beach Inn carry you away from the trials of everyday life.

Our Northern Oregon Coast getaway boasts many outdoor activities for romantic adventurers to explore and discover all its natural wonders. Interpretive trails give you the chance to walk the footsteps of the Lewis & Clark expedition. World-class hiking trails lead to beaches, mountain overlooks and onto the historic Oregon Coast Trail. Old Growth forests give way to spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the many creeks that meet it.

Ocean Treasures
Long walks on the beach, after a relaxing morning at the Arch Cape Inn, delight beachcombers as they skirt the waves while tide pools await their discovery. Naturalists keep a watchful eye open for the many species of wildlife and birds that call Arch Cape, Oregon their home, as whale watchers spot migrating Gray, Sperm, Humpback and Orca Killer whales, during the winter and spring watching seasons.

Food, Wine & Art
For the urban adventurer, the town of Cannon Beach, with its many world class restaurants and galleries, is just minutes away. After a long day of exploration, return to Arch Cape Inn, our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast, to find a warm fire, comfortable surroundings and delicious food and wine in a first class lodging experience that is more intimate than any hotel.

Nature & Romance
Lose Yourself

Better than a hotel, this boutique lodging is a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast shines as a truly unique Cannon Beach Inn. So, when planning your trip to the beach, our Cannon Beach Bed and Breakfast is sure to make your stay a magical one.

“Incorporating elements from castles and châteaux, it's straight out of a fairy tale. European antiques, original art, and an abundance of tapestry-cloth furnishings fill the house. There is the circular Tower Room, with its own soaking tub; the Gauguin, filled with reproductions of paintings by you-know-who; and the Tapestry Room, with a stained-glass ceiling and an ocean view from the soaking tub. Lavish, three-course breakfasts are served in the conservatory. So luxurious is this place that the fact that you aren't right on the beach doesn't even seem to matter.”

The James Beard Foundation

Peoples Choice Winner! Iron Chef Goes Coastal culinary competition
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